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Rent arrears

It's important that you pay your rent in advance and on the date on which it is due. If you get into money trouble and fall behind with your rent it is important that you contact your Housing Officer immediately so that they can help you. You may be able to make an agreement with us to pay off what you owe gradually in extra weekly amounts.
Don't ignore the problem. Get help if you need it. If you allow your rent arrears to build up we may take legal action against you, this could lead to you losing your home.
If you don't contact us, we will contact you, telling you that you are behind with your rent. If your rent arrears increase, we will contact you again and arrange to visit you to talk through the situation.

Money advice service

Specialist help is also available from our Money Advisors who can give you advice on maximising your income by managing your bills and claiming benefits you are entitled to.
The Money Advice Service provides confidential advice and assistance to tenants about managing their debts, budgeting and claiming welfare benefits. Talking about financial problems with a third party can help to address problems and reduce stress and prevent the situation getting worse.