Your responsibilities

As a council tenant you have responsibilities, which you must keep to - these are explained below. More details can also be found in your Tenancy Agreement. 


You must report any faults or damage to the Council immediately.

You must pay for repair or replacement if damage is caused deliberately or through your neglect.

You must allow staff and contractors reasonable access to your property to inspect and carry out work necessary to complete repairs.

We also ask that you are especially careful when doing work in your flat (for which you must get prior permission), as DIY can be noisy, inconvenient and distressing to your neighbours.

Your home

You are responsible for the behaviour of every person living in or visiting your home. You are responsible for them in your home, communal areas and in the neighbourhood around your home.

For further information on how we deal with Anti Social Behaviour.


Generally, if you live in a house or one of our Independent Living homes you can keep domestic pets such as cats and dogs in your property, as long as they are properly cared for and you do not allow them to cause a nuisance to neighbours or damage to the property.

If you live in a flat, maisonette or bedsit with communal areas, you will not be able to keep a dog. (Please note that these restrictions do not apply to registered guide dogs for the blind or registered hearing dogs for the deaf).

For further information please download the Council's Pet Policy (PDF 193 KB)


It is your responsibility to keep your garden tidy by cutting the lawn, trimming the hedges, pruning the trees and keeping it clear of any rubbish.

Communal areas

The Council is responsible for the cleaning,  upkeep and repair of the communal areas. However, you must be considerate to other tenants when using such areas and ensure that you keep them safe and clean.

Smoking - It is against the law to smoke in any public enclosed space. This includes the communal areas, such as the entrance and hallways, within blocks of flats.

Children - For safety reasons, children should not play or gather in entrance halls or communal areas.

Household rubbish - Do not leave household rubbish outside your door or on the stairs, as this can be unhygienic and hazardous. For more details about dealing with household waste and materials for recycling visit our refuse and recycling pages.

Fire - In order to minimise the risk of fire within your block of flats, you must:

  • ensure no personal items, furniture or mobility scooters are left in the communal areas or hallways.
  • Keep entrance doors to the block closed. This will also prevent anyone that doesn't live in the block from gaining entrance. 


Periods of absence from your home

If you are going to be away from your home for more than six weeks, you must let your Neighbourhood Officer know where you are going and leave contact details. Contact details are in the panel on the right of this page. Remember that your rent must still be paid during your absence.

Moving out - ending your tenancy

If you wish to leave your home, you must inform the Council in writing at least four weeks before. This four weeks "notice" must end on a Monday and you must return your keys to the Council before 10.00 am on the day that your tenancy ends or the locks will be changed without further notice.

When can the Council repossess your home?

Any breaches of the terms of the tenancy agreement may result in the Council taking action to repossess the property.