Affording a council home

We will always request rent in advance even if you are currently claiming housing benefit or housing cost support through Universal Credit. The minimum amount we accept is one week’s full rent.

How much do I need to pay?

You will pay an amount equivalent to your agreed payment pattern, for example -

  • If you pay rent weekly, you will pay 1 week's full rent in advance
  • If you pay rent fortnightly, you will pay 2 weeks' full rent in advance
  • If you pay rent 4 weekly or monthly, you will pay 4 weeks or 1 month's rent in advance.

What happens before I move in?

Once you are registered with HomeFinder (external link) you should put money aside so you can pay the rent in advance. You will need to set up a bank account, if you do not have one, as the rent in advance payment can only be taken from a debit or credit card.

If we do not get a rent in advance payment then keys will not be issued.

Leaving a tenancy

If you give notice to terminate your tenancy, you must continue to pay your rent until your tenancy has ended. Any credit remaining when your tenancy has ended can be refunded upon request.