Dean Wood, Up Holland

Dean Wood

Dominated by its majestic old oak and beech trees, this semi natural ancient woodland is one of West Lancashire's most beautiful wildlife sites. In the springtime swathes of bluebells, wild garlic and lesser celandine provide bright carpets of colour. In fact, such is the diversity of this site, you'll find it awash with colour whenever you visit.

The site's variety also extends to its fauna and in particular it boasts a well varied population of birds and small mammals.

The wildlife is not the only aspect of Dean Wood to enhance visits. Outcrops of the local bedrock create small waterfall features and add to the landscape of the valley sides.

Evidence of the area's coal mining history can be seen throughout the woodland: the main footpath often follows the line of a former tramway and despite the paths being upgraded in 2014 you can still see evidence of this and of former dwellings in places.


Download our Dean Wood site map (PDF, 497kb) for more information about our facilities.

How to find us

Situated on the border of Up Holland and Orrell, Dean Wood follows the course of the Dean Brook between Up Holland and the River Douglas at Gathurst. The closest access to the woodland by car is via Whitley Road, with Gathurst Train Station (external link) a short 20 walk away. Visit Arriva (external link) for up to date information about bus links. 


Our Parks and Countryside Service work hard to manage and maintain all of our sites to ensure that they are accessible and safe for all their visitors. However, while using the trails, you may encounter uneven surfaces, debris, or other obstacles. If you have any concerns or suggestions about how we can improve access to the site or you require further information, please contact the Ranger Service via 01695 622794 or

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