Fairy Glen, Appley Bridge

Fairy Glen

Nestled on the side of Parbold Hill above the rural village of Appley Bridge, Fairy Glen is a compact recreational facility for local residents to enjoy. 

The site follows Sprodley Brook which has, over time, cut down through the underlying sandstone to create the Fairy Glen valley with small waterfalls and cliff faces. These features, interspersed within the ancient broadleaved woodland, define the sites character. 

Designated as a Biological Heritage Site for its oak, birch, ash and alder, the site boasts a rich and mature woodland biodiversity. There is a wide variety of flora growing at the site and, depending on the season, the woodland floor may be covered with bluebells, wild garlic, ferns, and red campion. In order to help preserve this rich and vibrant biodiversity it is imperative that visitors make use of the excellent surfaced path network and do not "forge their own paths" on an exploration through the glen.

Fairy Glen is a small linear site but there are plenty of links to the wider countryside through the local public footpath system, with ample opportunities to find a circular route of any length to suit your needs.

Lend a hand

The sites excellent biodiversity is under threat by invasive species such as Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed. The Ranger Service works hard to control the spread of these species but we rely heavily on the input of volunteers to lend a helping hand. For more details about volunteering please contact the rangers.

The sites name attracts an disproportionally large number of visitors, especially during the summer months. This unfortunately led to an increase in misuse with lots of litter, fairy doors and in particular glitter being strewn around the site. This is having a detrimental effect on both the landscape and the wildlife using the site. We ask that all people visiting the site take nothing but photographs and memories and leave nothing but footprints. 


  • Picnic and seated areas
  • Waterfalls

    There is no designated carpark for the site. We ask that visitors do not park in a way which restricts access to local highways, footpaths and private driveways. Visitors parking irresponsibly risk being issued with police penalty notices.


Download our Fairy Glen site map (PDF 279kb) for more information about facilities.

How to find us

The small clough valley of Fairy Glen can be found near Appley Bridge in close proximity to Finch Lane, and is just a short walk away from Appley Lane N (just off the A5209 on Sparrow Hill) and Appley Bridge Train Station (external link).

To find out bus times to and from Appley Bridge, download the Service: 3A Lancashire County Council bus times (PDF 1,324kb)


Our Parks and Countryside Service work hard to manage and maintain all of our sites to ensure that they are accessible and safe for all their visitors. However, while using the trails, you may encounter uneven surfaces, debris, or other obstacles. If you have any concerns or suggestions about how we can improve access to the site or you require further information, please contact the Ranger Service via 01695 622794 or beacon.park@westlancs.gov.uk.

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