Ruff Wood, Ormskirk

Ruff Wood

Ruff Wood is a haven for wildlife and is an ideal spot for quiet walks and contemplation.

The wood covers 19 acres of mixed woodland on the east side of Ormskirk and was donated to the council in 1912 by a local benefactor.

There is a circular path and many link routes around the wood which has Biological Heritage Site status due to the presence of the red squirrel.

Old, gnarled oak, majestic pines and silver birch trees play host to a wide variety of birds and insects, whilst autumn brings many interesting types of fungi.

In the centre of the wood the remains of an old quarry are all that is left of an important site which provided sandstone to build houses in Ormskirk in the 19th century.

There are number of wooden sculptures hidden around the woods, how many can you find on your walk around the site?


  • Car parking
  • Picnic and seating areas
  • Sculptures 

Please note that, at present, cycling and horse-riding are not permitted in the woods.

Download our Ruff Wood site map (PDF, 305kb)  for more information about facilities.

How to find us

Ruff Wood is central to Ormskirk, adjacent to Edge Hill University's campus and can be accessed by car or on foot via Vicarage Lane or Ruff Lane, both of which surround the west side of the site.  

Ormskirk Train Station (external link) is just ten minutes away on foot and bus stations are also widely available in Ormskirk's town centre. Visit the Arriva website (external link) for up to the minute information about bus links.


If you download the site map available in facilities the index highlights wheelchair friendly paths.

Our Parks and Countryside Service work hard to manage and maintain all of our sites to ensure that they are accessible and safe for all their visitors. However, while using the trails, you may encounter uneven surfaces, debris, or other obstacles. If you have any concerns or suggestions about how we can improve access to the site or you require further information, please contact the Ranger Service via 01695 622794 or

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