Proposals for new Leisure and Wellbeing Hubs

West Lancashire Borough Council (WLBC) is currently undertaking a review of leisure provision with the desire to explore viable leisure transformation options at Skelmersdale, Ormskirk and Burscough Leisure facilities.

As part of the process of transformation optioneering, WLBC is presenting a bid to the Levelling Up Fund (LUF), with the desire to secure external funding as part of a consolidated investment plan.

WLBC's aim is to build two new, visually impactful, energy efficient and centrally located, Wellbeing and Leisure Hubs for the people of our Borough and refurbish Burscough Racquet and Fitness Centre. 

Aspirational leisure provision is an essential part of our WLBC's Health & Wellbeing strategy and town centre masterplan. The Hubs will be designed to establish the physical, economic, social and environmental conditions that promote economic regeneration and address economic and health inequality.

WBLC hopes that by creating affordable, accessible, modern and needs-led facilities, we will be able to drive behaviour change and community resilience.

The proposed site for Ormskirk's Wellbeing and Leisure Hub is Churchfields, adjacent to the current Park Pool. Park Pool would remain open throughout the duration of the build and only close when the new Hub is open. The current Park Pool site would be returned to parkland as part of a wider plan for the development of Coronation Park.

The Skelmersdale Wellbeing and Leisure Hub, which would replace Nye Bevan Pool, is proposed to be on the Ingram site next to West Lancashire College and Asda. Again, Nye Bevan would only close when the new Hub facility opens.

These Leisure Transformation Projects highlight the council's priorities and ambitious vision for the Borough.