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Flood awareness

Flooding emergencies

If there is an immediate risk to life or you are trapped by floodwater please call the emergency services on 999.

During widespread flooding the fire and rescue service is very busy and will prioritise its attendance to emergencies where there is a risk to life.

Flooding incidents

If you wish to report a flooding incident, or have concerns that your property may be immediately at risk of flooding, please contact the Environment Agency on 0345 988 1188 where Environment Agency staff with up-to-date information will be able to assist you.

Alternatively you can visit the flood warning information service (external link) where you can also sign up to receive flood alerts. 


West Lancashire Borough Council does not provide sandbags.

You should take steps to protect the property you live in, whether you own or rent it.

Sandbags can be sourced from builders' merchants or DIY stores. If you don’t have any sandbags you can use alternatives such as pillow cases or refuse sacks and fill them with garden soil. Sandbags, however, only bring temporary relief from flood waters and the Council recommends that property owners investigate the use of other flood prevention tools. A good website for information is the Flood Advisory Service (external link).

Protecting your property

The National Flood Forum (external link) website provides useful advice on how to protect properties from flooding and has examples of products that may assist you to protect your home.

Flooding - who can assist?

Lead local flood authorities

County Councils are responsible for developing, maintaining and applying a strategy for local flood risk management in their areas and for maintaining a register of flood risk assets. They also have lead responsibility for managing the risk of flooding from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses.

Lancashire County Council is the lead local flood authority covering the West Lancashire area: tel 0300 123 6701.

For any flooding from highway drainage, surface water, groundwater or watercourses (brooks or streams) call Lancashire County Council: 0300 123 6780.

Flooding from main (larger) river or coastal waters

For the latest forecast and flood warnings, information and advice on protecting your home and what to do in the event of flooding, call Environment Agency: 0345 6723723 or visit the flood warning information service (external link).

Flooding from sewers or burst water mains

You should contact United Utilities with enquiries about flooding from Sewers - 0345 672 3723.

Roadside drains and gullies

Lancashire County Council maintains the roadside drains and gullies. For information about reporting blocked gullies, and advice on how to clear a blocked gully, visit Lancashire County Council (external link)

Evacuating your home

If your home has suffered serious internal flooding and you need to evacuate, West Lancashire Borough Council will be able to activate a rest centre where you would be supported. Please contact us: 01695 577177.


Can West Lancashire Borough Council supply me/my business with sandbags?

No. The Council does not provide sandbags. You may be able to purchase sandbags from local builders' merchants.  Sandbags, however, only bring temporary relief from flood waters and the Council recommends that property owners investigate the use of other flood prevention tools.  The following websites provide useful for information: Flood Advisory Service (external link) and National Flood  Forum (external link).

How can I dispose of flood damaged items?
If you are insured, your insurance company should take care of this for you. The council does provide a bulky item collection service but there is normally a charge for this service.

For further information or to book a collection please visit the bulky collections page or, during office hours, contact Customer Services on 01695 577177.

During major flooding events specific advice may be issued in relation to the collection of flood damaged items. This will be published on this website.

Are there any evacuation procedures in place?
The council will work closely with the Environment Agency and the emergency services to establish whether evacuations are required. If evacuations are needed then West Lancashire Borough Council will set up a rest centre and will arrange to transport residents to the centre where they will be registered and provided with the relevant support. If you are evacuating your home, have nowhere else to go, and have not been advised where there is a rest centre then please contact the council on 01695 577177.

Who deals with flooding on/from the highway?
Lancashire County Council - 0300 123 6780

Who is responsible for clearing drains/gullies?
Those on the highway are the responsibility of Lancashire County Council - 0300 123 6780. All others are the responsibility of the land owner.

A sewer or drain is flooding. who is responsible for this?
United Utilities should be contacted regarding flooding from sewers and drains. Contact them on 0345 672 3723.

Who is responsible for Hurlston Brook in Ormskirk?
West Lancashire Borough Council is responsible for the section of Hurlston Brook which runs through Coronation Park, Ormskirk. The trash screens are routinely cleared on a rota basis to allow the free flow of water and during expected severe weather the screens are checked on a daily basis.

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