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New CCTV Cameras – Consultation

Following a successful partnership bid involving the Council, Police and the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, funding has been made available through the Home Office 'Safer Streets Scheme', for four new Public Open Space CCTV cameras for Birch Green.

We would like to hear the views of residents who would potentially be directly affected by cameras being near to their homes have any views on the proposed camera locations. The consultation runs until 26 February 2021.

For more details on the locations and to give us your views please click here.

Ormskirk Eastern Gateway

West Lancashire Borough Council (WLBC) and Lancashire County Council (LCC) have exciting ideas to improve the area of Ormskirk town centre around St Helens Road, the bus station end of Moor Street and the bus station itself.
This important entrance to the historic heart of Ormskirk enjoys Conservation Area status and is part of the Ormskirk Town Centre Heritage Action Zone, as designated by Historic England, so we want to make this area better for people who live, visit, shop and work in Ormskirk. 

WLBC and LCC have now prepared proposals – collectively known as the Ormskirk Eastern Gateway – with three objectives:

  • To create a more attractive and visually appealing town centre
  • To encourage walking and cycling
  • To improve and modernise the bus station

We want your feedback on these three objectives.
This is a joint consultation by WLBC and LCC.  The consultation opens on Monday 25th January; all feedback and comments are welcomed before the closing date of 21st February 2021.

For more details and to give us your views on each of the three objectives click here.

Have your say on housing

The Council has always listened to and worked with tenants to ensure they're receiving a good service which is tailored to meet individual needs. We are constantly looking at how to improve the ways tenants can get involved and have their say on housing.

Forward Plan 

The Forward Plan lists "key" Cabinet decisions likely to be made over the next four months. These decisions may be made by the Cabinet or, occasionally, by individual members or officers of the Council acting under delegated authority. The plan is updated and rolled forward every month. It gives information about the subject involved and shows who will make the decision and when it will be made. The plan also gives information about any consultation prior to the decision being made and advice on how you can make representations.

Planning applications

You can give your views on any planning application on which a decision has not yet been made.

Planning policy consultation

A wide range of consultations are carried out. For more information or to join the consultation database, please visit consultation on planning policy

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