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It's here: "Your Voice... West Lancashire"

Your Voice West Lancashire is West Lancashire Borough Council's digital engagement hub where local residents can share ideas, discuss important topics, provide feedback and contribute to the future of West Lancashire. The Council is committed to informing, consulting and involving local people and we understand the important role our residents and communities play in providing feedback and helping us to improving our services.

We are keen to hear your views and we would like you to get involved, you can do this by visiting "Your Voice... West Lancashire" engagement hub. To register please click here.

Forward Plan 

The Forward Plan lists "key" Cabinet decisions likely to be made over the next four months. These decisions may be made by the Cabinet or, occasionally, by individual members or officers of the Council acting under delegated authority. The plan is updated and rolled forward every month. It gives information about the subject involved and shows who will make the decision and when it will be made. The plan also gives information about any consultation prior to the decision being made and advice on how you can make representations.

Planning applications

You can give your views on any planning application on which a decision has not yet been made.

Planning policy consultation

A wide range of consultations are carried out. For more information or to join the consultation database, please visit consultation on planning policy

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