Thursday, October 20, 2022

Be a Bright Spark this November!

  • West Lancashire Community Safety Partnership relaunches Bright Sparx campaign
  • Public urged to consider vulnerable people, neighbours and pets on Bonfire Night
  • Community activities and extra safety measures will help keep the Borough safe 


The upcoming Bonfire Night celebrations should be a safe, fun-filled and enjoyable time for all. But they can be a source of dread for many of our older or vulnerable residents in West Lancashire, as well as our animal companions.

Loud fireworks, nuisance behaviour and frightened pets can cause worry and distress. That's why the Council and its partners in the West Lancashire Community Safety Partnership will be once again putting the Bright Sparx plan into action - a campaign of safety messages and community action events to help everyone stay safe and happy during the Bonfire period.

Councillor Gareth Dowling, Deputy Leader of the Council and portfolio holder for Communities and Community Safety, said: "The Bright Sparx plan is part of the Council's commitment to promoting an enjoyable and safe Bonfire Night for everyone and we work closely with our partners to protect the community from some of the unwanted behaviours that can be a problem at this time of year such as bonfires being lit in unsafe places and the use of very loud fireworks.

"We're asking people to show extra consideration for those who may not want to be part of the celebrations and may be impacted negatively in some way, such as the elderly, people with autism, those suffering from PTSD, pets and livestock.

"Together with our partners and the community, we can keep our neighbourhoods in West Lancashire safe while reducing the stress on others."

Those who wish to purchase fireworks to set off at home are encouraged to follow Lancashire Fire & Rescue's safety advice such as only buying fireworks with a CE mark (the safety standard that all fireworks should meet), never returning to a lit firework and reading firework instructions with a torch, never a naked flame.

The Bright Sparx plan also includes control measures such as extra police patrols and pre-empting areas susceptible to anti-social behaviour to keep the Borough safe during the Bonfire period, as well as community action days where information will be available to residents on a range of issues such as fire safety, how to contact the police about problems in their area and environment, waste and housing issues.

Large skips, funded by the Community Safety Partnership, will also be available in the week leading up to Bonfire Night. The locations shown below have been chosen in consultation with Lancashire Police and Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service. Residents will be encouraged to use them to get rid of any unwanted rubbish or combustible materials. The supervised skips will be available on the days stated, from 8.30am and removed once full.

Heidi McDougal, Chair of the West Lancashire Community Safety Partnership, added: "The Bright Sparx plan is a fantastic example of how we can work together with our partners for the benefit of everyone in the Borough.

"My sincere thanks to everyone involved in this important initiative. Their hard work and dedication will ensure our Borough is a safer place during the Bonfire period.

Further information:

Dates and venues for community action days (from 8.30am, skips removed once full)

  • Tuesday 25 October – Cherrycroft
  • Wednesday 26  October -Willow Hey
  • Tuesday 1 November – Heversham
  • Wednesday 2 November – Elswick
  • Helpful advice and information on keeping your pets safe and ways to reduce stress during Bonfire Night:

Blue Cross:

 PDSA pet/allpets/pets and-fireworks


Dogs Trust: