Monday, March 18, 2024

Healthy Weight Scheme brings £375,000 boost to West Lancashire


• Funding of £75,000 a year will support a holistic approach to positively impact on health and wellbeing

• Scheme aims to empower communities, tackle health inequalities, prevent ill health and encourage active, healthy lives for residents

MORE than £300,000 in funding has been proposed for a ‘holistic approach’ to addressing health inequalities, reducing obesity and encouraging healthier lifestyles and behaviours in children, adults and families across West Lancashire over the next five years.

The Healthy Weight Collaboration Agreement between West Lancashire Borough Council and Lancashire County Council will provide a flexible service, that adapts to meet needs of residents and promotes sustainability, whilst contributing to a whole systems approach to tackling obesity, working closely in partnership with stakeholders to improve outcomes for all.

The Healthy Weight Service will include:

• Community weight management programmes for adults.
• Family programmes that encourage and model healthy lifestyle behaviours, practical skills and play in fun environments continuing from the successful PASTA pilot programme.
• A wider integrated support option for individuals who wish to access independent community services that support healthy weight behaviours.

Lancashire’s cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality rates are above the national average. This funding will work towards re-dressing that imbalance. The Healthy Weight service will form a key part of supporting Lancashire's Healthy Hearts Strategy and Healthy Weight Declaration.

Under the Collaboration Agreement, the services will be delivered in venues across the Borough taking a targeted approach to meet local needs. The services aim to empower communities, tackle health inequalities, prevent ill health and encourage active, healthy lives for residents.

Councillor Vickie Cummins, portfolio holder for Health & Wellbeing, said: "Health issues such as cardiovascular disease remain one of the biggest causes of premature death across our communities and has a devastating impact on everyone concerned. But the good news is that there is lots we can do to improve this. Together, we want to tackle the issues and offer all our communities the opportunity to enjoy a good lifestyle in a healthy environment."

"The funding will help us to work with our communities to promote the benefits of adopting a healthier outlook; taking regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, reducing alcohol intake and stopping smoking are the key points that will help us to achieve a happier, healthier life for everyone. We look forward to this project complementing our ongoing work through the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy, in tackling West Lancashire’s health inequalities.”