Monday, May 30, 2022

Take part in the Citizen & Stakeholder 2022 Survey

If you are a resident of West Lancashire, you can take part in the Citizen Survey here, or if you are a group, organisation, parish council, partner, or local business from across the borough, you can take part in the Stakeholder Survey here.

  • Council wants to hear your thoughts on priorities, our services and resources
  • Residents, businesses, communities, and organisations invited to take part
  • Feedback will inform future decisions

Our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. We are constantly looking to find better ways to serve our residents and to provide the best services we can, that represent good value for money.

We need to know what’s important to residents and what their priorities are so we can make positive changes to improve what we do and how we deliver services.

So in collaboration with NWA Social and Market Research Ltd, West Lancashire Borough Council has now opened the Citizen & Stakeholder 2022 Survey with residents, groups, organisations, parish councils, partners, and businesses across the Borough all invited to share their views.

The survey consists of several core questions, designed to measure customer satisfaction, and gives our customers and local communities the opportunity to have their say on:

  • the area they live in
  • key services the council delivers e.g., recycling and refuse collection, street cleaning, parks, and green spaces, plus much more
  • how we run things and if we provide value for money

Measuring resident satisfaction helps us to understand how effectively we are serving our residents and local communities, what we are doing well, and where we need to improve.

Leader of West Lancashire Borough Council, Yvonne Gagen, said: " This is everyone in the Borough's chance to speak directly to us and to let us know what their priorities are when it comes to how we operate as a Council and where our resources should go.

"We will listen to and duly consider all feedback, so make sure you take this chance to let us know your thoughts."

The Citizen Survey has been posted to a random sample of residents, which will be representative of the Borough by ward, to ensure there is an equal opportunity for residents across the Borough to respond

Residents and groups who have not received a survey by post are also encouraged to have their views heard by visiting our resident feedback hub, Your Voice West Lancashire here.

The survey will be open until 8 July 2022.

Need a paper copy in large print?

If you would like to receive a large print copy, or arrange for a telephone interview so that can submit your feedback,  please call NWA Director Norma Wilburn on 07811 101585 or freephone 0800 316 3630 or email This service is for residents only.