Regularisation Certificate

What is it?

Where building work has been carried out without the benefit of Building Regulations a building owner may apply for a Regularisation Certificate (i.e. make a retrospective submission).

Such work often comes to light during the sale of a property when the vendor is asked to produce evidence of approvals. If the unauthorised work is found to comply with Building Regulations that were in operation at the time the works were completed, a ‘Regularisation Certificate’ will be issued.

This is only applicable to work that has been carried out on or after 11 November 1985.

Following receipt of a submission for a Regularisation Certificate a building control officer will arrange to inspect the work.

It may be necessary for work to be exposed to ascertain what work, if any, is required to ensure the requirements of the Building Regulations are met. Once it has been determined what steps are necessary to secure compliance with Building Regulations the building owner will be notified in writing.

Charges apply to this process and are payable with the submission. (No VAT is payable). If you have any queries please contact the Council's Building Control section. On satisfactory completion of work a Regularisation certificate will be issued. If you have any queries please contact the Council's Building Control section. These notes are for general guidance only. Full particulars of a "Regularisation" request are contained in Regulation 18 of The Building Regulations 2010.

What we do

When an application is received we will arrange to inspect the work. We will assess the work against the regulations and advise if anything does not comply and needs additional or remedial work. You will be given an opportunity to carry out that work so that a certificate may be issued.   You might decide not to proceed with the additional or remedial work, perhaps because it would be too expensive or disruptive. A Certificate will not be issued in these circumstances or where there are serious contraventions of Building Regulations. Depending on the nature and seriousness of any contraventions, legal proceedings may be started.


No building regulation approval is given.

Remedial work and work of opening up may be required

A ‘limited’ Certificate may be unacceptable to the purchaser

When a Certificate cannot be issued; there is no refund of the fee

Where there are serious contraventions you may be required to carry out works of compliance

There may be a requirement to notify other Government agencies

In circumstances where substantial additional or remedial work is required additional information and an additional fee may be required. 

In some circumstances you may be asked to provide plans of the work and/or plans of additional remedial work, especially for non-domestic work.

Regularisation Certificate

When building control are satisfied that the work complies with the relevant Building Regulations we will forward a Regularisation Certificate to the applicant. The Regularisation Certificate is an important legal document and may be required if/when the property comes to be sold. It should be stored safely.

Make a submission 

To submit an application by post,

Send it together with the required information and charge to the Council at West Lancashire Borough Council, Directorate of Place and Community, 52 Derby Street, Ormskirk L39 2DF.

You can bring the submission and charge in person to the offices but these should be placed in a sealed envelope and deposited with the Customer Services reception. We are unable to provide a receipt for the charge at the reception point but one will be provided after the submission has been registered.