Conservation management and appraisals


Once an area has been designated as a conservation area, we need to develop policies which clearly identify what features of the area should be preserved or enhanced, and set out how this can be done.      

Character appraisals help to provide a clear assessment and definition of an area's special interest and the action needed to preserve it. They also help to generate awareness and encourage property owners to take the right sort of action for themselves. Appraisals also help in the review of the boundaries and identify areas where enhancement may be desirable.    


Data Protection - how any personal data you provide will be handled 

The personal data you provide in the public consultation is required as part of the Council's statutory planning function and will help the Council fulfill its official duties.  Whilst the information that you provide will not be published you may wish to avoid providing any unnecessary personal information.  We will, however, always require your name and address in any correspondence that you make.

For further information on how we handle your personal data, please see the Planning Privacy Notice on our Website, hard copies of which are available on request.

A full copy of our Data Protection Policy, which explains how we administer, process and store your data, can be viewed and downloaded from our Website.

Management plans  

Building conservation area policies into wider development plans is the best means of integrating conservation policies with plans for the area, such as shopping and traffic management.  

Once policies for a particular area have been agreed, local residents and businesses should be made fully aware of why the area has been designated and how they can protect its character and appearance.