Supplementary planning documents

Supplementary planning guidance notes (SPGs) and supplementary planning documents (SPDs) explain in greater detail how we will use our policies to manage development. They may be topic-based e.g. on open space, or may relate to a specific site, e.g. Yew Tree Farm. We use both SPGs and SPDs when determining planning applications.

Adopted documents

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPGs)

Development Briefs

Informal guidance notes

These documents have no legal status but provide useful informal guidance:


Draft SPDs

Affordable Housing SPD

We prepared a draft Affordable and Specialist Housing SPD and consulted upon it in spring 2015.  However, we suspended work on the SPD in summer 2015 following a High Court decision that changed national policy.  Since then, there have been other changes to national policy, and more are expected.  As such, work on the SPD has not yet recommenced.  You can view the draft SPD below, but this has limited weight.