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The Local Plan 2012-2027

The West Lancashire Local Plan 2012-2027 guides future development within West Lancashire over the 15 year period to 2027. It was adopted by Council on 16 October 2013.

The Local Plan 2012-2027 sets out:

  • The distinctive features, issues and challenges in the borough
  • A vision of how we'd like the borough to be in 15 years time
  • What we need to do to achieve this vision
  • Key policies to help meet our goals

The Local Plan 2012-2027 document and maps

Please note that due to the electronic size of the document, chapters are separated below.

View and download the Local Plan:

 View and download the Glossary and Appendices:

View the interactive Local Plan policies maps

For the avoidance of any doubt: where any discrepancies between the interactive Local Plan policies map and the printed, paper versions of the Adopted Policies map are identified, the printed, paper versions will take precedence in decision-making. 

Paper copies of the Local Plan can be purchased for a charge - this is £35 for non-residents and £20 for residents.

In addition, the Council needs to identify sites to meet Gypsy and Traveller accommodation needs. The West Lancashire Local Plan does not do this, so until such land is allocated, Policy DE4 of the West Lancashire Replacement Local Plan 2001-2016 remains part of the development plan for the borough.

Further information on the background and preparation of the Local Plan, as well as how we will monitor its policies, can be found below: 

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Under planning law, planning applications are to be judged against the development plan for the area, unless material considerations indicate otherwise. The West Lancashire Local Plan 2012-2027 sits alongside the National Planning Policy Framework and other national and regional guidance.

Local Plan preparation stages

The Local Plan has been subject to a series of preparation stages. The preparation stages included: Issues, Options, Preferred Options (1), Preferred Options (2), Publication, Submission, Examination and Adoption.

Evidence, research and consultation

The Local Plan has been informed by a wide range of gathered evidence and public consultation. Consultation was carried out at every stage of preparation to gather the views of a wide range of people, including the public, statutory consultees, developers, businesses and community organisations.

Sustainability and habitats

At each stage, the Local Plan has had to undergo a Sustainability Appraisal, to make sure that the effects of the Local Plan do not harm the social, economic or environmental sustainability of the Borough. The Local Plan has also been subject to a series of 'Habits Regulation Assessments' to make sure that the impact on international, national and local wildlife habitats is not significantly harmed, and to ensure any negative effects are reduced.

Submission and Examination

The preparation stages finished with 'submission' of the Local Plan to the Government for independent 'examination' by a Planning Inspector. The Inspector's report concluded that he found the Local Plan sound and legally compliant, subject to a number of modifications which the Council have completed. The Council adopted the Local Plan on 16 October 2013.

Monitoring of the Local Plan

Each year the Council prepare an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR). The AMR monitors the effects of the planning policies.