Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

Why are abandoned shopping trolleys an issue?

An abandoned shopping trolley is a supermarket trolley that has been left in a public space, away from the supermarket it belongs to. If ignored, trolleys can become a hazard, especially if they are in the proximity of moving traffic. They can also pollute waterways and obstruct the flow of water.

What can I do to help?

To help reduce the number of abandoned shopping trolleys you can do the following:

  • If you use a trolley to transport your shopping home, please take it back to the store after use.
  • Once you have used the shopping trolley, leave it in a sensible location such as a trolley bay in a supermarket or store car park, ready for collection by the store.
  • If you notice a shopping trolley abandoned please report it to the supermarket directly, or to Trolleywise (external link).

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How can I report an abandoned trolley?


We work with Trolleywise, a professional trolley retrieval service that collect trolleys on behalf of supermarkets and returns or disposes of them.

If you know about a shopping trolley that's been left somewhere, please use the Trolleywise App - available on google play for Android as well as the Apple App Store.


Get the Trolleywise app (external link)


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