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Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

Why are abandoned shopping trolleys an issue?

Abandoned trolleys can cause significant environmental issues as well as being a hazard for pedestrians, motorists and wildlife. They can also pollute waterways and obstruct the flow of water.

What can I do to help?

To help reduce the number of abandoned shopping trolleys you can do the following:

Once you have used the shopping trolley, leave it in a sensible location such as a trolley bay in a supermarket or store car park, ready for collection by the store.

If you notice a shopping trolley abandoned please report it to the supermarket directly, or to Trolleywise on 0800 316 1241

Trolleywise logo

Trolleywise is a professional trolley retrieval service who have been appointed to pick up trolleys on behalf of the major retailers.

Trolleywise have a free app which you can download onto your mobile phone using you App store. The app is easy to download and to use.