How to vote

There are three ways to vote: in person at a polling station, by post, or by proxy. However, you can only vote if you are on the electoral register. Find out about registering to vote.

Voting in person

Most people choose to cast their vote in person at a local polling station. Voting at a polling station is very straightforward. A member of staff will be available to help if you're not sure what to do.

If you are on the electoral register, you will receive a poll card about 4 weeks before the election telling you where and when to vote. The polling station is often a school or local hall near where you live.

The poll card is for your information only – you do not need to take it to the polling station in order to vote.

If you are unsure if you are registered, please call us on 01695 585014 and we will check for you.

Find more information about voting in person (external link).

Material can also be accessed for assisting an Elector with a Learning Difficulty at

Postal votes

If you'd prefer to vote by post instead of going to a polling station you need to apply for a postal vote. Application forms are available below. Please remember that there is a last day for us to receive applications to vote by post. The deadline is at 5.00pm 11 working days before an election. 

Postal votes can be sent anywhere, either inside or outside the UK (if, for example, you are going on holiday). Please remember to take into account postal delivery times especially if the address is outside the UK. 

In general for scheduled elections postal votes are usually dispatched between 10 days to 2 weeks before an election depending on when a postal vote is applied for. However at unscheduled elections our print schedule may differ. Anyone who will be away on polling day should check with the elections office on 01695 585014  before applying to check dispatch dates.

If you move you must tell the electoral registration officer immediately, or you will lose your postal vote.  

Find more information about voting by post (external link).

Proxy votes

A proxy voter is someone whom you appoint to vote on your behalf if you can't get to the polling station on election day. The person you appoint as a proxy must be a registered elector and be eligible to vote in that particular election. Application forms are available below or by calling the office on 01695 585014.

Please remember that there is a last day for us to receive proxy vote applications in time for a particular election. The deadline is 5.00pm six working days before election day.

There are provisions in law to appoint an emergency proxy, for further advice please call the office on 01695 585014.

Find more information about voting by proxy (external link).