Dealing with debt

Regardless of how much debt you have, there are many ways to get help. There are several agencies that can assist with debt issues. Some of these are listed below:

Priority and non-priority debts

Debts can be classed as either priority or non-priority. This means that priority debts - such as your rent and council tax arrears - can result in you losing your home or belongings. Non priority debts - such as catalogues and credit cards - can negatively affect your credit file.

Below is an example of the priority debts when managing your budget and the consequences of not making payment:

Rent arrears - Losing your home

Council tax - Imprisonment

Gas/electricity - Cut off

Water - County court

Court fines - Imprisonment

TV license - Fine and imprisonment

Options available if you are struggling with debt:


Knowsley Credit Union adopts a sensible lending policy. Visit the Knowsley Mutual CU (external link) for more information or call 0151 545 3380 to make an appointment.

Loan sharks

Don’t suffer in silence. Report a loan shark problem and get help:

A new smart phone app to report loan shark activity is now available. Smart phone app (external link)

Other help available