West Lancashire is a safe place to live but emergencies can happen at any time. The Civil Contingencies Act places a duty on Lancs resilience forumresponders to plan for and respond to emergencies.

What is an emergency?

The Civil Contingencies Act defines an emergency as ‘any event or situation that threatens serious damage to human welfare, environment or security.’ More information about the Civil Contingencies Act can be found on the stay in the know (external link) website.

Emergency Planning

Emergency planning takes place at national level, led by the Cabinet Office, but the Civil Contingencies Act requires agencies including the local authorities to also plan at a local level.  Emergency planning work for Lancashire is carried out through the Lancashire Local Resilience Forum (LRF). The LRF is made up of a wide range of agencies who jointly prepare contingency plans and organise major incident training and exercises to help prepare for emergencies in Lancashire. West Lancashire Borough Council is an active member of the LRF.

What do we plan for?

We plan for and attend any event or situation in West Lancashire that:

  • Threatens serious damage to human welfare, environment or security
  • Overwhelms existing response arrangements
  • Cannot be dealt with within existing day-to-day resources or procedures

Such emergencies include release of chemicals, flooding, radiation and radio-activity incidents, coastal oil pollution, widespread food poisoning, evacuation and rest centres.

After the emergency

The work of the Council does not stop when the emergency services leave. We are involved in the clear-up operation and the rebuilding of the community. The provision of care and assistance to those affected can continue for weeks and months.

We also ensure that vital services are maintained during the emergency and that the community can be returned to normality as soon as possible. Persons evacuated from their properties will be offered short-term welfare facilities with the Council in one of our designated rest centres across the borough.  

Assist yourself

For further information on preparedness and resilience please download the Preparing for Emergencies in Lancashire guide (2mb, PDF) or visit the stay in the know (external link) website where you will find lots of advice on preparedness and the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

If you have any questions please contact the Council's Emergency Planning Team at emergency.planning@westlancs.gov.uk 

A Major Emergency Response Officer is on call 24 hours a day for the Council and can be contacted on 01695 577177. If the emergency is out of office hours, listen to the recorded message and follow the information given about what to do in an emergency.

During an emergency get up to date information by following West Lancashire Borough Council's Facebook (external link) and Twitter (external link) accounts.

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Advice for businesses

What would you do to keep your business functioning in the event of a crisis?

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