Parking permits

We run a parking permit scheme on Hants Lane car park, Ormskirk. Up to 50 permits are issued for this car park but only a limited number are available at the present time. They can be purchased monthly or annually. The cost is £30 per month or £250 per year. Our contact details are in the 'contact' panel on this page.

Lancashire County Council operate the following parking permit schemes:

Residents' parking permits

There are currently several streets in West Lancashire with residents' parking schemes for which permits are available. All the streets are located in Ormskirk. Further information about the roads that fall within the scheme and how to apply for a permit may be found at Lancashire County Council (external link).

Request to park in a restricted area

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for motorists to park in contravention of a parking restriction when it is necessary for them to undertake work or they are unable to park elsewhere. Requests should be made at least two working days before the dispensation is required. Same-day dispensations can be granted for emergency cases. For more information on how to apply for a dispensation and the criteria were they are issued please visit Lancashire County Council (external link).

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