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Merseyside Overview

The Merseyside Housing and Economic Evidence Base Overview Study ('the Mersey Overview Study') was carried out by the consultants GVA Grimley on behalf of seven Councils in the Liverpool City Region, including West Lancashire.  Work on the study began in spring 2010, and was completed in May 2011.  The study forms a useful part of the evidence base for the Local Plan, especially with respect to cross-boundary issues.

The purpose of the study was to provide an overview of the housing and employment land supply situation in the northern part of the Liverpool City Region.  The four main tasks in this complex piece of work were:

(i) To appraise each council area’s evidence on housing and employment land;
(ii) To compare land supply in each area against future requirements (up to 2031);
(iii) To explore whether it would be possible for any council area with an excess of supply to meet any shortfall in supply in neighbouring areas;
(iv) In the event of unmet need or demand in any area after stage (iii), to recommend what further action would be necessary to address it.




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