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Supporting documents

When the Council submitted the Local Plan to the Secretary of State, the following supporting documents were also sent:

The Consultation Statement explains how we have met the requirements for consultation throughout the Local Plan process. It sets out who we invited to make representations, how they were invited, a summary of the main issues raised and how they have been addressed through the Local Plan.

In addition, a 'Regulation 19 Statement' was prepared after the consultation period, setting out the number of representations received and summarising the views made.  It was submitted to the Inspector with copies of all the representations we received, alongside the Local Plan.

In addition, the Council are also required to co-operate with other neighbouring councils, Lancashire County Council and other bodies to address the issues relevant to their area and the preparation of the Local Plan. This is called 'Duty to Co-operate' and a Statement of Compliance was submitted with the Local Plan to set out how we have co-operated with neighbouring authorities.

Other related documents

Feedback from the last preparation stage

The preparation of the Local Plan Publication document was informed by comments received during the previous Local Plan Preferred Options consultation stage.  Over 1300 comments were received, as well as two petitions, and a summary of the issues raised, along with the Council's response and recommendations to them.  These are available in the Local Plan Preferred Options Feedback Report.

Evidence, monitoring and information

In the process of preparing the Local Plan, we have to collect a wide range of information and have commissioned a number of studies.  This is know as our 'Evidence Base'.  A selection of the evidence can be found below, with more detailed lists on our evidence pages.

Previous Local Plan Stages

Local Plan Preferred Options (Jan/Feb 2011)

Core Strategy Preferred Options (May/June 2010)

Core Strategy Issues and Options (2009)