The Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment, or SHELAA for short, considers the suitability and the potential for future development of various sites submitted to the Council.  


2020/21 SHELAA

The sites in the 2020/21 SHELAA will form the 'pool' of sites from which any necessary proposed land allocations will eventually be chosen in the new Local Plan.  The final 2020/21 SHELAA is available below.

 Schedules of sites by delivery timescales

 Schedules of sites by settlement

The SHELAA covers both housing and employment sites.  The documents below show SHELAA sites that have been submitted for housing (most sites were submitted for housing).


The document below shows the sites that were submitted for employment, or for mixed use:


Maps of sites

The documents below show sites submitted for housing in different parts of West Lancashire.  For maps of sites submitted for employment, please see the Schedule of Employment sites above.


Submitting a site

You can submit sites for consideration in the SHELAA by using the downloadable form.  Depending on when the site is submitted, it will be considered in the subsequent SHELAA.


How we handle your data

Completing the SHELAA form enables you to submit a site to West Lancashire Borough Council for our consideration as a potential development site as we prepare Local Plans, one of our legal duties.

If you choose not to send us any contact details, we will be unable to verify that the site you have submitted is 'available', which is likely to rule it out from consideration as a potential future site allocation.

For further information as to how we handle your data, please see the WLBC Corporate Privacy Notice. Paper copies are available on request. If you would like to discuss this notice, or how we will use your personal data, you can contact a Planning Policy Officer via or on 01695 585284.