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Food banks

Food banks are usually run by churches, charities and other community groups.

We work in partnership with the Trussell Trust (external link), which is a charity that runs one of the largest networks of food banks in the UK. They can give you up to three days' emergency food. You will usually have to have a food voucher to take with you to their food banks in order to get food.

There may also be food banks at local churches or community centres. Each will operate their own system - you may not always need food vouchers.

How do I get a food voucher?

We can provide food vouchers, please call Customer Services on 01695 577177 or pop into one of our Customer Service Points in Ormskirk or Skelmersdale. People like GPs and social workers, and charities such as the citizens advice bureau (external link), may also be able to issue you with a food voucher.

You can claim up to three vouchers within a six month period.

Find your local food bank