Refuse & Recycling

Delayed collections

General Waste Bins (Grey)

  • No operational delays.

Garden Waste Bins (Brown)

  • No operational delays.

Recycling Bins (Blue & Green)

  • Delays in Ward 8: Rural West - Operational issues.

Ongoing access issues

  • No access to parts of Middlewood Road, Middlewood Drive, Sunnyside and Belvedere Park in Aughton, due to double parked vehicles.
  • Access issues at Mickering Lane, Aughton due to road closure.
  • Access issues at Hallcroft, Birch Green in Skelmersdale due to groundworks.
  • Delays in Ward 12: Skelmersdale South - Access issues due to groundworks.
  • Access issues at Evenwood, Tanhouse in Skelmersdale due to groundworks.

Please see Ward map for reference here:

Updated: 19/07/2024


What goes in your bins?

To find out what items you can recycle in your bins, please click here.

Garden waste collections

Our garden waste collection service is open to all households across the borough. We offer fortnightly collections of garden waste such as leaves and grass cuttings which is then recycled.

For more information on garden waste collections and how to sign up, please click here.

Find your collection dates

Find your collection dates by typing your postcode, street or house name into the 'Your West Lancashire' panel on the right-hand side of this page.

Please leave your bins at your normal collection point by 7.00am, with the lid closed and handles facing outwards, and take them back to your property promptly after they have been emptied.

Safe disposal of gas bottles & batteries

We have seen an increase in gas bottles in recycling collected from households, including nitrous oxide bottles, helium bottles, small carbon dioxide bottles and fire extinguishers. Please do not place these in your recycling bins as they cannot be processed through the recycling system and may explode if crushed. Please take empty gas bottles to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre where they can be disposed of safely, find your nearest one here.

Batteries placed in bins can cause fires in the collection vehicles and recycling facilities. Please do not place batteries in any waste or recycling bins. Collect your used batteries and drop them off at your local recycling centre, or at a collection point in a supermarket, DIY centre or local shop.

Missed bin collection

We keep our website and social media updated with major interruptions or delays to collection services. If we are already aware of the missed collection we will make arrangements to return and you will not have to raise a specific enquiry for your address.

If you wish to report a missed collection, please note that this can only be done from 6pm on the day your collection should have taken place. Before reporting a missed bin, please check your bin collection day, you can do this by putting your address into the ‘Your West Lancashire' panel on this page.

To report a missed collection or spillage problem, please click here.

Need a new wheelie bin?

If one or more of your wheelie bins has been stolen, lost or damaged, or if you have moved into a property that does not have any bins, a charge of £25 will be made for each replacement bin.

Households may also qualify for second grey bins if they have a large family or have approved medical waste. Additional bins for medical waste may be issued following assessment of customer need.

For more information on second bins, requesting new bins and other frequently asked questions, please click here.

Assisted Collections

Assisted collections are available to eligible residents that meet specific criteria such as being physically unable to present bins for collection and living alone. Applications will be assessed and where residents meet the criteria for assisted collections, a Waste Management Officer will make contact to arrange access to the bins.

If your application is approved, all waste receptacles must be left visible and accessible for collection in the agreed location by 7am on collection day.

To submit an application for assisted collection please click here.